Pet adoption: Why should I adopt?

If you have room in your home and in your heart for a new dog or cat, pet adoption makes sense for lots of reasons. Here are just four of them:

1.         You will be saving a life. Even if you adopt from an organization that has a no-kill policy, you will be helping to rescue another animal by making space available at the shelter.
2 .        You will be saving money because adoption costs less than buying an animal from a pet shop or a breeder.
3.         By adopting rather than buying a new companion animal, you will reduce the demand that drives the commercial breeding of puppies and kittens. Each year, millions of healthy and well-behaved animals are destroyed in shelters simply because there are not enough homes for all of them.
4 .       If you adopt a young adult or older pet, you can avoid many of the domestic hassles related to house-training and teething. Puppies and kittens are cute, but they require lots of attention, training, patience … and newspapers!

An older dog might fit in better with your loyal old Labrador than a rambunctious torpedo of a puppy. Kittens are easier than puppies, but you may also want to consider the benefits of an adult kitty, who has already gone through the precocious kitten stage.

So, there are plenty of good reasons to adopt your next pet, but probably the best reason to adopt a dog or cat is that you just might meet your best friend.…/pet-adoption-why-you-should-adopt…